Market-leading insights and research on a variety of Environmental, Social and Governance issues, with a clear focus on implications for credit risks in the global capital markets.

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The dedicated ESG Research team provides global coverage of thematic and cross-sector environmental, social and governance issues and explores their transmission mechanisms into credit risks. The team also provides specialist input and guidance for ESG related research from all Fitch’s different analytical group areas.

The ESG Research team prioritizes research and analysis of emerging ESG trends and developments with the potential to be highly material to industries and business models with a focus on:

  • Thematic special reports, often cross sector, with a regional or global lens
  • Major regulatory developments within the ESG and Sustainability spheres
  • Potential impacts on financing flows and access to capital
  • ESG bond market trends, innovations, and product developments

In addition, ESG Research publishes quarterly and annual reports:

  • ESG Credit Quarterly
  • ESG Credit Trends Annual

Learn more and see how ESG Research works collaboratively with ESG analysts and Fitch’s credit ratings analysts to synthesize data, information and market developments into actionable and forward-looking insights for the fixed income community and investors with a focus on ESG and Sustainability. The team is strategically present within every component of the comprehensive Sustainable Fitch ESG suite. Only Fitch provides a one-stop-shop for the ESG financial community with tools, data, research and insights under one holistic, modular, user-friendly sustainable finance umbrella.

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Sustainable Fitch ESG Encyclopedia

The ESG Encyclopedia provides insights on the credit relevance and materiality of all sector specific environmental credit issues, including air quality, energy and fuel management, water, and more.

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